Tournaments (PVP)

Tournaments & Stadiums (PVP)

Players will be able to participate in periodic tournaments in parties of 4, to compete against other players for GOL prizes and winning Special NFTs. Take your rightful place as the World Cup Champion! Tournaments will take place in 5 different Stadiums, 1 for each possible NFP Class.


Ownership of each Stadium will be distributed among 250 NFTs that represent the shares of that specific Stadium, allowing holders to earn a % of each Tournament that takes place at that specific Stadium.
  • From Class Rookie to God. 250 NFTs / Stadium -> 1250 NFTs
  • Each Tournament has a limited number of 16 tickets that need to be sold to the tournament’s participants. (16 participants per Tournament)
  • The higher the Tournament level, the higher the participation ticket’s cost, and the prize.
  • The winners of the tournament earn a % of the prize pool that results on the ticket sale The owners of the stadium’s NFTs earn a % of the ticket sales.