Fusion consists of burning two NFPs of the same Position and Generation to mint new NFPs of a higher Generation. When fusioning, the resulting NFP will have an increased max level and will inherit random traits of their parents.
Users can only fuse two players of the same Position, and Generation to obtain a higher Gen Player. Players need to de maxed out in level to be able to fusion. This will prevent users from simply buying several Gen 0 and paying their way to obtain a Gen 10. Players do not have to be the same rarity to fuse.
Example: A user has two players that are common Gen 1 Defenders. The user decides to fuse these two players together to mint a Gen 2 Defender. User will spend GOL tokens to fuse both players together and successfully mints the Gen 2 Defender! In the minting process, the Gen 2 player rolled the chances of becoming a higher rarity NFT and succeeded in minting a rare Player. Now the user burnt two common Gen 1 Defenders and minted one Gen 2 Rare Defender!
By fusioning and creating a new generation of players, this allows your team to expand in a number of ways:
  • Increased level cap
  • Higher Skill Points cap
  • Chance of minting rarer Players
  • Increased earnings potential
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