Matches (PVE)

To play in matches, users need to have a full team of 4 NFPs (1 of each position). Players can be used for playing Matches in which they can earn various amounts of $GOL.
By winning Matches your team will earn GOL tokens. Winning results from the match are random and are based on the Team’s GolPower. The higher the team's GolPower, the higher the chances of winning a match will be.
To compete in a match, add 1 of each type of NFP: Goalie, Defender, Midfielder, Striker to your lineup.
Select 4 different positioned NFPs to compete in a match
Click “Start Match” to send your team to play! Good Luck!
Once all four types are selected, the “Start Match” field will highlight to begin, displaying your odds of winning and the possible amount of GOL to be won.
  • Start your match by clicking “Start Match”.
  • Approve the transaction.
Your team will play in a match either winning or losing!
You will only be able to play 1 match a day with each team so make sure your team is prepared by leveling them up in the training camps! The higher the level, the increased chances of your team winning!