Minting NFPs

NFPs Minting

In order to begin the road to soccer fandom and building the ultimate team, users must mint their first players. To mint players, you will need to purchase a Generation 0 NFP for 50 BUSD each. You can then start to utilize our gaming features to increase the players stats and fusion them into stronger players! Below are details on how the funds will be allocated into the GolPlay ecosystem.
Only Generation 0 NFPs will be minted through the “NFT BOX”, where users will be able to mint a random player which can be use in the game. Higher Generation NFPs will only be obtained by Fusion or by trading on the Gol Marketplace.
Click into the box to start minting!
NFPs Sale Funds Allocation:
  • Gen 0 Mint Price = 50 BUSD
  • Funds Raised from the minting will be allocated as follows:
    • 60% — Added as Protocol Owned Liquidity in GolFarms. This ensures liquidity for swaps for our users.
    • 30% — Will be allocated to GolTreasury (Marketing and Development).
    • 10% — Will be used For $GOL buyback and burn.
Minting NFPs
Mint NFPs through the NFT BOX. Testnet version shown above
To mint an NFP make sure you have 50 BUSD and some BNB for gas
  • Connect your wallet.
  • Navigate to “NFT BOX” tab.
  • Click “Mint” and approve the transaction.
You can view your minted NFPs by going to your wallet and click “My NFTs”
View your NFPs instantl