Long Term Vision
Long term vision of GolFinance is to offer an all-in-one ecosystem that enables users to have everything one can need in one single DApp, and that allows a fast and low gas fee experience to users. The ultimate goal of GolFinance is to create a Football Soccer NFT Game that leverages both passion for football & blockchain games hype in order to be the Blockchain Game with the most users globally.
GolFinance v1:
  • Gol Genesis NFTs
  • GolToken: Deflationary Token
  • GolSwap: GolFinance’s DEX
  • GolFarm: GolFinance’s Yield Farming / Liquidity Mining
GolFinance v2:
  • GolDAO: Governance
  • GolVaults: Automated Compounding Vault
  • NFT Marketplace
  • NFT Staking
GolFinance v3:
  • GolPlay: NFT Game
    • Non-Fungible Players Collection
    • NFP Training
    • NFP Fusions
    • Matches
    • Gol Profiles
    • Stadiums and Tournaments
GolFinance v4:
  • GolPool: Lossless Lottery
  • GolBet: Prediction Markets
  • GolSafe: Insurance Options
  • Cross-Chain / Multi-Chain