NFPs (Non-Fungible Players)


The Players (Non-Fungible Players/NFP):
NFPs are playable characters that you can level up and earn GOL tokens with! Player NFTs are not designed to sit on the sidelines and do nothing, they’re one of the key features in the game. As they are assigned to play in Matches, compete in Tournaments, or equip boosters to maximize their skills, they’ll be leveling up and earning you tokens throughout their whole career.
NFPs Supply
  • The supply of NFPs consists in 12400 unique and randomly generated Players.
  • A maximum amount of 6400 Gen 0 NFPs can be minted through the NFP Box.
  • NFPs with Generation > 0 can only be minted through Fusions.

Player Traits

Players have two types of distinct traits, one for appearance and the other as their positions. During Fusions, the new Player will randomly receive traits from both Players used in the fusion. There is also a chance that the inherited traits are random, resulting in a new type of rarity and skill set! Customize your Ultimate team with players of different Positions, Rarities, Generations and Class!


A Player’s position determines their role on the team. Teams are constructed of 4 Players each with a specific role to play in order to be victorious. Although users do not need to own a full team to participate in Training Camps, they will need a full team to participate in Matches and Tournaments.
  • Goalie
  • Defender
  • Midfielder
  • Striker
Each player will have different traits which will affect how they play. Collect different players to build the best team!


Rarity determines how unique your player is compared to others. Additionally rarity, improves the chances of receiving a GolPower Bonus on your player! The higher the rarity, the higher the Golpower Bonus. Rarities are assigned at random and the only way to obtain rarer players is through Fusioning!
  • Common: 1x GolPower Bonus
  • Uncommon: 1.1x GolPower Bonus
  • Rare: 1.2x GolPower Bonus
  • Legendary: 1.3x GolPower Bonus
  • Mythical: 1.4x GolPower Bonus


Players can be fused together to form stronger and rarer players! The better the stats and traits of the player, the better the player will perform in Matches, Leagues and Tournaments. The generation of players represents the amount of fusions that were required to mint that specific NFP.
Generations can range from 0 to 4 with Gen 4 being the best and strongest of them all. Fuse your players together to make unique and strong players to have better chances of beating your opponents.
By getting higher Generation players, you increase you max level cap. Max Level per Generation:
  • Generation 0: Max Level -> 9
  • Generation 1: Max Level -> 19
  • …
  • Generation 4: Max Level -> 49


You can enhance a Player’s class by leveling up your NFP. Classes begin at level 0 and increase every 10 levels. Classes are indicators to easily identify a Players level and how well they could perform. Classes may have additional use cases in the future such as having Pro only Tournaments and Matches for higher reward opportunities!
  • Rookie: Level 0 to 9
  • Amateur: Level 10 to 19
  • Pro: Level 20 to 29
  • Star: Level 30 to 39
  • God: Level 40 to 49
Skill Points (SP)
Players will have skill points that determine how effective they play in games. Skill Points can be improved as players get trained in the Training Camps and are limited by the NFPs Generation. Levels only increase with the amount of Skill Points a player earns. Take your players to the Training Camps to max out the player’s Skill Points for that level!

Level (LVL)

Players level up as they earn Skill Points. Levels start from 0 and max out at 49. When a player maxes their Skill Points for that generation. Levels are limited by the generation of the player. The higher the generation, the higher the Max Level a Player can reach.
Skill Points per Level:
  • Level 0: SP from 0 to 9
  • Level 1: SP from 10 to 19
  • …
  • Level 49: SP from 490 to 499